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  • Top Android Phones
    Top Android Phones
    Android phones have an advanced operating system that was developed by Google.
  • Top 5 DSLR Cameras Under $2000
    Top 5 DSLR Cameras Under $2000
    For those that take photography seriously, getting a professional-level DSLR camera is imperative.

How the world has promoted online shopping


Progress is a good thing especially when it is aimed at the right direction. Online shopping is an indicator that we are moving forward together as a globe. This is clearly visible through online shopping which has become the current trend. As is the case, our norms revolve around our tastes and preference. Needless to say that we would do just about anything to get what we fancy. The world is promoting online shopping in many ways, and you are yet to find out exactly how this is happening.

How the world has promoted online shopping

The use of smartphones for shopping

sgdgdfgdfggjghjhgjghjThis is definitely what is referred to as convenience at its best. You can shop from wherever it is that you are located. It has been a questionable way of shopping for the longest time. In the long run, the world has come to accept it as a convenient way to do your shopping.

Smartphones have evolved, and many people are dependent on them for many reasons. Not much can be done without these worldwide gadgets especially when it comes to getting the latest updates. No gender is set aside as an exception. Instead, they are all classified together because we all need items at some point. Also, we are all in need of a convenient way to get them.

Promotion through advertisements

The world over is relying upon global advertisements for the latest updates. How else are we supposed to know what to shop online for? You have definitely come across ads on TV or dailies, not forgetting your devices such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones. These are not just any ordinary advertisements; they have some twist of sophistication that will make you want to be part of the movement. The graphics are just what we need to lure us into the online shopping arena. Without breaking a sweat, the world promotes online shopping in this way.

Online shopping, the way to go

It is perceived as the way to go due to the incredible comments passed by users. The world is slowly turning its head towards the rhythm of the music. The benefits of online shopping have swayed most users off their feet. Most of these benefits have been experienced first hand while others we only hear from other sources. Whichever the case, we are mesmerized by what we see and hear in these latter times.

Online shopping is getting cheaper

fdgdfgfdghThis is all for the benefit of those who want to try it out and those that are already in too deep. Since it is highly recognized, this kind of shopping is set to go beyond the set limits.The items bought online are high quality and brand new yet cheap e.g cameras and computers. This and more qualities draw the masses towards this versatile shopping method. Though the steps towards acquiring your preferred items are quite simple, it gets cheaper so as to accommodate all users.

Another reason for its affordability is the ease of access. Since the world is becoming a global village, nearly every corner of the globe can access the Internet.

How to choose the best electric skateboard for your next adventure


An electric skateboard is propelled by an electric motor. Before you make the purchasing decision, you need to identify the most important features. It can be quite challenging when you don’t know where to start. Since different brands have distinctive features, you should go through the specs keenly. You can check out this twitter profile and see the electric skateboard reviews.

Let’s look at how to choose the best electric skateboard for your next adventure;

Check the wattage and power

Many electric skateboard manufacturers tend to capture the attention of consumers by listing some specs like the wattage, hill grade and the torque. An average consumer should know the specs of a good electric skateboard. For instance, the best electric skateboards average 1000 to 2000 watts. The wattage that is listed in the specs section is the maximum power for a high-performance ride.


It’s also recommended that the buyer chooses an electric skateboard that gives reasonable speed. A good speed averages 25 mph. The buyer should first consider the kind of terrain he or she intends to use the electric skateboard. Those that have enough power gives great uphill torque and rolls over rocks with ease. Further, it becomes easier to skate around sidewalk bumps. It’s equally important to look for a skateboard that is capable of handling a tough terrain. The weight of the board can affect the power hence it’s good to look for a light one. A good board should average 10-15 lbs.

Should keep the battery charge for long

A good electric skateboard should have a good battery that can give between 3 to 7-hour ride which is approximately 9 to 18 miles before the charge runs out. For a good battery to charge fully, it requires 2 to 4 hours. A battery that runs out of power very fast is likely to disappoint the user in case he or she gets stuck in the street. Since most of the skateboards come with a smartphone app, it’s possible to track the distance you are left to cover before the charge is over. You should also choose a skateboard that has a replaceable battery pack. This enables the user to change the battery in case the one in use runs out of power.

Choose the one that is most durable

hgdhd74Since the price varies depending on the specs and manufacturer, you should give it a careful thought before buying. The most important aspect of a skateboard is the durability. It is worth to pay higher for a product that is going to last for long rather than go cheap board that will serve you for only a few days. Many boards will average around $ 1000.A good board should be equipped with waterproof parts, a strong battery, and a powerful motor. However, one should stick to the budget.

Top 5 DSLR Cameras Under $2000

For those that take photography seriously, getting a professional-level DSLR camera is imperative. You might not know it, but if you have a budget of $2,000 or so, you can find some great DSLR models within your price range. Some of these models are under $2000 for the camera body but may cost more to get lenses, external flashes, and other accessories that you need for photography. So, here is the list of top 5 DSLR cameras under $2000.

Pentax K-1 for $1900-$2000

If you shop around on Amazon, you can usually find this model for just under $2000. It has 36.3 megapixels of resolution in its full frame image sensor, so you know that it produces high quality for your pictures. It has up to 5 different shutter speed settings, and the image stabilization system is strong so you really cannot go wrong with this camera if you are looking for a DSLR camera under two grand.

Canon EOS 7OD DSLR for $900-$1000

One of the best things about this model from Canon is that you can usually find it for under $1000. This camera has a 20.2-megapixel image sensor, which makes it one of the best available from Canon. It has a 3-inch touch screen, a burst mode of 7 frames per second with full resolution, and built-in Wi-Fi.


With so many great features and prices under $1000, this is clearly one of the best intermediate level DSLR cameras that you can buy.

Canon EOS 6D DSLR for Appx $1500

The Canon EOS 6D is a great option for people that are looking for a nice, high-end Canon model. While this is one of the more expensive Canon models, when you see the features, you will see why. It has a 20.2 megapixel CMOS image sensor, a 3-inch LCD screen, built-in Wi-Fi, built-in GPS, and shoots 1080p HD videos. This camera is well worth the price tag.

Olympus E-5 DSLR for under $1000

Another less expensive DSLR option is available from Olympus with the E-5. A solid 12.3 megapixel live MOS image sensor with autofocus at high speeds, a 3-inch LCD that swivels, and 720p HD video capabilities, it has some impressive features for a less expensive camera.

Sony Alpha a7R for $1800-$2000

This model provides many of the standard DSLR options and a few extra features that you will love. It has 36.4 megapixels of resolution in the CMOS image sensor, a 3-inch articulated LCD, built-in Wi-FI and 1080p HD video capabilities. This is a great model for any photographer.

Top Android Phones

Android phones have an advanced operating system that was developed by Google. This OS was primarily designed for use in the touchscreen mobile devices. Here is a list of the top Android phones in the current market.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Currently, this is the best of all the Android phones in the world. It is an advancement of Samsung Galaxy S6. It has 5.5 inches screen with an improved functionality. It has a great memory of 32GB/64GB. It has a resolution of 1440×2560. Its screen is one of the most innovative one as far as phone’s technology is concerned. Its camera is the best.

This Samsung phone is an improvement of all the phones that have ever existed. The version is also fascinating when it comes to phone games.


Samsung Galaxy 7

Samsung Company also owns the second best Android phone. Its screen is 5.1 inches. It also has a superb camera and an improved design which is waterproof. Its memory size is 32 GB. By the year 2015, Samsung Galaxy 7 was the favorite android phone.


Google Pixel

Its screen size is 5 inches. It has a resolution of 1080×1920 and 32 /128 GB storage. It has a colorful and bright full HD display. It has a supremely smooth performance and an improved battery life.


Google Pixel XL

It has the best camera. Its screen size is 5.5 inches. It has a high-resolution display of 1440 ×2560 pixels. It has a highly streamlined Android software. It also has peculiar choices. It has storage size of 32/128 GB.


Moto Z

Its screen is 5.5 inches. Its resolution is 14402560. It has a 32/64 B storage space. It has creative modular accessories and a big camera bump. It has a robust modular design. It has a 4GB RAM.


ZTE Axon 7

It is a mighty and an affordable Android phone with very high specifications. It weighs 175 g. Its screen size is 5.5 inches. It has a storage of 64GB and a 4GB RAM. It has a high resolution of 14402560. Its front camera is 20MP while the rear one is 8MP. The phone has a large storage and a premium design. It has a metal design and high –end specifications.


HTC one 10

Its screen size is 5.2 inches with a high resolution of 14402560. Its RAM size is 4GB, and the storage space is 32/64 GB. Its front camera is 5 MP while the rear one is 5MP. It has a fantastic audio and a great design. However, its camera is not very impressive. Among the best Android phones, this phone ranks in the seventh position.


OnePlus 3

It weighs 158 g. Its screen size is 5.5 inches. Its resolution is 10801920. It has a storage capacity of 64GB and a RAM of 6GB. It has a premium design, and its price is affordable.